El Escorial again…and coincidences

I don’t know why it happens in Madrid but I’ve run into people randomly (especially Americans) at least 15 times in the last 6 months. Madrid is getting smaller and smaller. When we got off the train to El Escorial this past Sunday, we saw our friend Lindsay and her boyfriend getting off the same train. As the Spanish say, the world is a handkerchief.

We went together to see the monastery and the gardens, from where we could view the four towers in Madrid from afar. It was a beautiful day (it’s so hot here now!), and we had lunch in a small plaza where there was a band playing American classics. After a pretty busy week, it was a nice escape from the city. Also: never again will I order Mexican food here. A lot of the time it’s shitty.

More updates to come soon…

El Escorial

We attempted to go to Avila today, but we confused the train schedule, so we took a train instead to El Escorial. There wasn’t too much to see; we walked around a bit and then had some hamburgers at a restaurant. There’s a monastery there but we didn’t have enough time to see it, since the following train to Madrid left soon after lunchtime.

When we arrived to Madrid we went to the Reina Sofia and saw several exhibits, one of Paul Thek which was pretty interesting. Photos, paintings, images of New York everywhere… The city in a state of constant change, when I see it from the thousand perspectives of artists…

The bus which took us home.