Mas Cosas

More pictures here for your viewing pleasure:

So I tried out a McDonald’s here with some hungry classmates today. First of all, they open at noon (?!) and we had to wait outside for 5 minutes before somebody finally ambled over to open the door (and this was only because there was another Señor banging on the door). Their fries are more salty and squarish. Their burgers are also more fluffy. ‘Nuff said on that topic.

We have been learning lots and lots of grammar and how to teach things like the past perfect continuous tense to Spaniards who definitely have a better idea of these things in their own language than we do. These days I’ve been silently thanking my 5th grade English teacher, who had us diagramming paragraph-long sentences by the end of the year (as well as introducing us to lots of English Romantic poetry). I will be teaching two more classes this week and I feel much more prepared and organized. I got really good feedback from my monitor about my first class last week! So I’m on a roll…