Colby College, Maine

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View of campus dorm buildings from Dana lawn, during Great Books week
(ink, watercolor)

July 28th, 2017

This is my happy place, among many others. But this place is extra-special — where there is so much space and time to think about the books we have read, lift their words and passages into acute focus, listen to the voices of others’ thoughts, discover new things and ideas and possibilities. Everything about being here I love — the green of the trees, the glints of daylight on the ponds, the solitude of dorm life again, the diverse crowds of the dining hall, the clouds which seem painted onto the sky. The many and varied conversations one might have during lunch or dinner, all of the stories the older generations have to tell, the music concerts at the chapel on the hill, the films, art museum tours, lobster on the lawn! The feeling of my mind expanding to embrace so many of the things I love at once, my heart full to bursting.


Illustrated Date Ideas

Summer means time to make stuff! As part of Ryan’s birthday present, I had fun illustrating 12 cards with a different date idea and description for each month:

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Then I put them in this camera geek box I painted:

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More to come about each date we go on 🙂

The Jellyfish


The Jellyfish

The sharp sting heralds
a rush of impending doom.

Blueness of depth gathering,
cloaking the peripherals
of vision, in that vast tightness

the squeeze of blood through
impacted arteries, the hollows
of so much water
so many liquids that float
the body.

It is only chemical, this dread —
poison burrowing and clenching the heart
the way the years amass in late morning
with hours of living to do
until the next tide of sleep

This strangeness of affliction
that is a sea creature’s defense
mechanism —

from the black ocean what
other feelings arise?

A cloud of confusion
over one’s fate — for what
this debilitation?

To soften the struggle,
to walk into the panic of death.

To see with the black tint
of your fellow creature of depth,

have your imaginary gills flood
with liquid of the underworld


© Mabel Lee